The  Register of Social Workers  and  Social Worker Candidates   includes the names, practising status and registration numbers of all individuals approved to practise social work in Nova Scotia.  It also includes the names of individuals whose registration has been suspended for "failure to renew", that is, failure to pay their fees. 

The  Register  is up-dated weekly.  If you believe that a name has been omitted from the Register in error, or have questions about the status of any person on the Register, please contact the Board of Examiners if you have questions about an individual social worker.

In Nova Scotia the practice of social work includes the assessment, remediation and prevention of social problems and the enhancement of social functioning of individuals, families, and groups.  This can be accomplished through

  1. the provision of direct counselling services within an established relationship between a social worker and a client;
  2. the development, promotion and delivery of human services programs; or
  3. the development and promotion of social policies aimed at improving social conditions and promoting social equality, including that dome in collaboration with communities,

and which requires the application of specialized knowledge, values and skills in the field of social work.

RSW    Registered Social Worker

  • has obtained a degree in social work from an approved social work faculty; has the required social work experience;
  • has passed the examinations required by the Board;
  • has paid the prescribed fees; and
  • has met the requirements of the Act and has been approved by the Board of Examiners for registration

SWC   Social Worker Candidate

  • has obtained a degree or diploma in social work from an approved social work faculty;
  • has paid the prescribed fees;
  • has met the requirements of the Act and has been approved by the Board of Examiners for registration as a candidate; and;
  • is being supervised by a candidacy supervisor approved by the Registrar of the Board

PP   Private Practitioner        

  • a registered social worker who has been approved by the Board for private practice.


  • The Registered Social Worker or Social Worker Candidate is unemployed, or on maternity or parental leave, or on long  term disability; and
  • is not self-employed.


  • The Registered Social Worker or Social Worker Candidate has been approved to practise social work in Nova Scotia for a defined time period.  There may be practice restrictions.


  • The individual has failed to renew his or her registration and is prohibited from practising social work or using any title which would suggest that the individual is eligible to practise social work.  (Refer to Sections 52 and 55 of the  Social Workers Act