In conjunction with the celebration of National Social Work Week, the Board of the Canadian Association of Social Workers presents Awards on behalf of recipients as selected annually by their Provincial or Territorial Association.

CASW and NSASW Criteria For Nomination:

1.       The nominee is to be a Registered Social Worker who is a member in good standing, or a working group of members in Good Standing.

  2.         The nominee or working group has made a substantial and unique contribution to the field of Social Work in the province of Nova Scotia and, therefore, contributed to Social Work in Canada through;

  •   demonstrating such qualities as compassion, leadership, creativity, initiative and high ethical standards.
  •   furthering social work in the area of direct practice, program/service development, community organization, social action, research, teaching or writing.

  3.         The Nominee has served as a member of the Council of the NSASW or has acted in a position of responsibility for the Association.


1992   Dr. Marilyn Peers

1993   Dr. Joan Cummings

1994   Gwen Fitzgerald

1995   Barbara McPherson

1996   Joan Glode

1997   Dr. Fred MacKinnon

1998   Susan Meagher-Gagnon

1999   Catherine MacDougall

2000   Carolyn Mossman

2001   Jean Bremner

2002   The Association of Black Social Workers

2003   Elaine Campbell

2004    Veronica Marsman

2005   Joan Gilroy

2006   Harold Beals

2007   Barbara Williams

2008   Marjorie MacDonald

2009   John O'Keefe

2010   Dr. Michael Ungar

Ronald Stratford Memorial Award

This award was established in 1984 in memory of Ronald Stratford, a Social Worker, who died

October 12, 1983, after a lengthy illness. He was Director of Community Services with the D epartment of Social Services for the City of Dartmouth.

He was a member of the Council of the Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers, and a member of the Board of the Canadian Association of Social Workers. He had also been National Co-ordinator for Anglican Youth work, and a consultant in the Youth Ministry at the Church's National office in Toronto. He studied at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, and received a Masters degree of Social Work from the Maritime School of Social Work.

Ronald Stratford is remembered for his interest in social services from a holistic perspective, emphasizing prevention and community development. The Ronald Stratford Memorial Trust Fund is intended to honour his memory in a manner which reflects his professional commitment to community service.

The Ronald Stratford Memorial Trust Fund was incorporated on February 15, 1984 as a charitable society and is administered by the Treasurer of the Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers, who receives financial contributions to the Fund. The Executive Committee of the NSASW Council, functions as the Board of Directors for the Fund. The Board assumes the annual responsibility of assessing possible nominees for the Ron Stratford Memorial Award. The recipient also receives a cash award which will vary depending on the level of interest generated by the account.

Award Criteria:

Awarded annually to a resident of Nova - Scotia who:

  a)            through volunteer efforts makes a significant contribution to a preventive or community-based social service program; or

  b)            is involved in research surrounding a preventive or community-based social service program; or

  c)            makes an outstanding contribution to establishing and/or sustaining a self-help group; or

  d)            functions as a consistent and strong advocate for expanded preventive or community-based social service programs.


1985   Stephen Bornemann

 1986   Heather Schneider

 1987   Eileen Knudsen

 1988   Steven Jenner

 1989   Rev. Donald E. Fairfax

 1990   Dianne Nickerson

 1991   Barbara Bingham

 1992   Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard

 1993   Dr. Barbara Clark

 1994   Katherine MacKay

 1995   Gail Roberts

 1996   Joan Parks

 1997   Carol Evans

 1998   Pamela Taylor

 1999   Linda Roberts

 2000   Marjorie MacDonald

 2001   Lucille Harper

 2002   Frank Gibson

 2003   Michelle Margarit

 2004   Debbie Smith

 2005   Claudette Legault

 2006   Susan Meagher Gagnon

 2007   Donna Fitzpatrick

 2008   Alison Little and Yvonne Blanchard

2009   (Information missing)

2010  Barry Moore


Freda Vickery is remembered as a dedicated Social Worker who for many years was the Director of Social Services for the I.W.K. Hospital for Children and who held a leadership position in the Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers.

The Association established this award in 1985 to honour her and the professional qualities she displayed during her career as a social worker. This award is given every second year to a member of the Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers, who has been a member for at least two consecutive years and who has fulfilled the following award criteria:

"A member of NSASW who upholds the ethical standards and values of Social Work, who has displayed imagination and creativity in his/her professional work, and who has given his/her professional skills to the community at large".


 1985   Barrie MacFarlane

 1987   Calvin Ruck and Freda Bradley

 1989   Harold Beals

 1991   Mary E. Pothier

 1993   Rev John G. Webb and Michael Marentette

 1995   Marilyn Peers ; Marie Gallant; Diane Kays; Sheila Pipes;

           Barbara Williams

 1997   Joan Gilroy

 1999   Harold M. Roberts

  2001   Mary Isabel Forsyth

  2003   Cameron MacDougall

  2005   Jay LeBlanc

  2007   Nena Nauss

  2009   Winnifred Benton and Tom Payette (Presented in 2010)