NSASW Publications

The following documents represent the publication of positions of the NSASW on social justice and other issues that have come to the attention of the Association and for which the Association had the resources to pursue.

Copies of all documents are available from the NSASW office upon request. Some can be copied from this page where indicated below.

2010 - "Inspiring a Learning Community". A Project of the Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers  Professional Development Committee. September 2010.  Click Here  

2009 - Organization Structure Review - Final Report. Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers, October 2009. Prepared by: Richard G. Ramsay Management Consultants Inc. Lantz, NS.  Click Here

2009 - "A Profile of Registered Social Workers (RSW's) in Nova Scotia. Registered Social Workers (RSW's) In Nova Scotia, Supply and Demand Study, Final Report". Prepared by: Price-MacDonald & Associates Consulting Inc. August 2009. 

2008 - NSASW Work Life Survey: A glimpse at some key child welfare results", A presentation by Graeme Fraser, Coordinator, NSASW to a meeting of Representatives of the NSASW Child Welfare Group and Department of Community Services program staff, November 5, 2008 Click here

2006 - "NSASW Submission to the Minister's Advisory Committee on the Children and Family Services Act and the Adoption Information Act" - October 2006.

2006 - "Submission by the Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources, Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities". Click here

2006 - "RE-ORDERING PRIORITIES: HOW THE BUDGET CAN ADDRESS POVERTY IN A MEANINGFUL WAY".  Submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance by the Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers. September 2006. Click here

2005 - "Child Welfare Services: Protecting Children by Supporting Families."  A brochure produced jointly with the Department of Community Services as part of a child welfare public education initiative. To view the brochure,  Click here

2004 - "Under Siege Update: a follow-up study of non-profit, community based, social service agencies". To view the report,  Click here

2003 - " IMPACT! The effect of Nova Scotia's new income assistance system on people who need assistance. click here "

2002 - "Position Statement with Respect to Health Care" .  Click here

2000 - "Presentation to Law amendments Committee re Bill 62: Employment Support and Income Assistance Act".

2000 - "Submission to Social Assistance Restructuring Initiative".

2000 - "Standards of Practice"  (Amended - May 5, 2000)

2000 - "A Consultation Paper on Child Victims and the Criminal Justice System".

1999 - "Social Workers in the Health Field: Fears, Facts, and Futures". Findings of the NSASW survey of social workers practising in the health field.

1999 - "NSASW Submission to the Fiscal Management Task Force" . This brief was presented to the provincial government's request for community consultation on how the government should control its deficit.

1998 - "NSASW Position on the Social Assistance Restructuring Initiative" . This is a brief presented to the Department of Community Services as well as the Legislature's Standing Committee on Community Services.

1998 - "UNDER SIEGE: A Study of Non-Profit Community-Based Agencies in an Era of Cuts" . To view the report,  Click here

1997 - "January Story Campaign"  A collection of stories from social workers and their clients on the treatment of recipients of social services in Nova Scotia.

1996 - "More Crises, Less Resources: The Impact of Cuts to Community Agencies" To view the report,  Click here .

1994 - "Survey of the Implementation of the Nova Scotia Children and Family Services Act"

1991 - "Standards for the Classification of Social Work Practice", Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers, January 1991.

1990 - "How Will the Poor Survive"?  A discussion paper on the current social assistance system in Nova Scotia.