The NSASW Council has approved a Social Policy Advocacy Strategy which states:  

“That NSASW will have a Social Policy Advocacy strategy (by the end of 2012) that will (a) outline a process for the identification of 2 or 3 key social policy issues per year; (2) involve appropriate members in research and writing of possible policy positions for NSASW; (3) once approved by Council, present these position papers to government, the media, and the public.”

The process adopted at the 2013 AGM and Annual Conference was for the Social Justice Committee to present four social justice issues to the members attending the conference and for the members attending the AGM to rate the four to determine which issue the NSASW should pursue for the next year. The members chose Child and Youth Mental Health. 

Therefore, the members of the Social Justice Committee and others will begin the process of researching the issue, collaborating with experts in mental health, and cooperating with other community groups that have similar interests. During the study phase, the following resources are being made available:


1.  Our Kids Are Worth It : A Strategy for Children and Youth (2007). Available online

2.  Our Kids Are Worth It  - See annual up-dates at the website above.

3.  Spiralling Out Of Control: Lessons Learned From  A Boy In Trouble, Report of the Nunn Commission of Enquiry, December 2006. Available online at:

4.  Together We Can:  The plan to improve mental health and addictions care for Nova Scotians (2012). Available online at:

5.  Together We Can - First year up-date (2013) :  

6.  Come Together : Report & Recommendations of the Mental Health and Addictions Strategy Advisory Committee, March 2012. Available at:

7.  Changing Directions Changing Lives : The Mental Health Strategy for Canada / Mental Health Commission of Canada (2012). Available on line at:  .

8.   Toward Recovery and Well-Being:  A Framework for a Mental Health Strategy for Canada/ Mental Health Commission of Canada (2009). Available online at:

9.  Evergreen:  A child and youth mental health framework for Canada (2010). Mental Health Commission of Canada. Available online at:

10.  Speak Up:  An Action Plan To Address Bullying and Cyberbullying Behaviour (2013). Available online at:  

11.  Respectful and Responsible Relationships: There’s No App for That (2012). Nova Scotia Task Force on Bullying and Cyberbullying . Available online at:

12.  Child and Youth Mental Health: A Social Justice and Public Policy Issue (2013) . A presentation delivered on May 16, 2013 at the Annual Conference and AGM, Ramada Conference Centre, Dartmouth, NS. ( Click Here )

13.  Boyd, Dominic, MSW, RSW,  Social Determinants of Health and Child/Youth Mental Health (July 2013).  Initial discussion points in preparation for NSASW advocacy work on Child/Youth Mental Health. ( Click Here )

14.  Nova Scotia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy : Preventing Poverty, Promoting Prosperity. Children and youth are referred to in the Strategy. See the report at:  

15.  A Housing Strategy for Nova Scotia . Reference is made to adopting the concept and principles of "Housing First" for people experiencing mental health and homelessness issues. See the report at:  

16.  Action Team on Sexual Violence and Bullying: Progress Report and Transition Plan . See the report at:  

17.  Evaluation of the SchoolsPlus Model: Year 3 Evaluation . September 24, 2012. Collective Wisdom Solutions, Halifax, NS ( Click Here )

18.  Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Addiction Services in the Halifax Regional Municipality - External Review. December 11, 2013

19.  National Youth Screening Project:  Enhancing Youth-Focussed Evidence-Informed Treatment Practises Through Cross-Sectorial Collaboration (2013). Centre for Addiction and Mental Health ( Click Here )

20.  Housing First Study - National Final Report: Cross-Site At Home/Chez Soi Project . Mental Health Commission of Canada (2014)  Click Here